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July 9th - Barbecue Class with Pitmaster Brian Misko

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July 9th - Barbecue Class with Pitmaster Brian Misko

By popular demand, we will be hosting a SECOND live demo and barbecue class on 9 July 2024 with internationally-awarded pitmaster Brian Misko!

UPDATE: Free ticket with Yoder smoker purchase

Are you looking for more information and knowledge on cooking great BBQ? Would you like to cook more things on your grill or smoker, but need help to expand your knowledge and skills? Did you miss out on our April class? Saskatoon Barbecues & More will be hosting an in-person live-demo barbecue class on Tuesday July 9th, 2024, from 6:00 to 9:00 PM.


In this Classics BBQ Class, cooks will see and taste burgers, chicken, and steak, which are the most common items that newer cooks want to make on their grills or smokers. If you're looking forward to learning how to cook, or are just looking for reassurance that you know what to do and how to get top-notch results, this is an excellent class for both beginning and intermediate BBQ cooks.

This class features scratch-made burgers from two-time, best-burger-in-Canada champion Brian Misko. Smoked chicken will be demonstrated with discussion on different cuts, different preparations, and always attaining perfect results. The third protein is beef steaks, with tips to make every backyard cook an awesome steak cook!


This class will be taught by Brian Misko, who is an award-winning international BBQ pitmaster that started competing in 2005. Since then, he has won many awards, pitmaster championships, and has traveled extensively to cook BBQ. He has taught BBQ classes for 15+ years in Canada, USA and Mexico, and can help a BBQ cook to bring their skills to the next level.


EXTRA! Before the class, Brian will he holding a public on-site demo of the Yoder smoker, on July 9th from 2:00 to 5:00 PM. While not as in-depth as the full class, this is a great chance to see the Yoder in action in-person and ask questions. No ticket or reservation required! (...and this time, it probably won't be snowing!)


In this class you will be able to ask questions and learn their tips and tricks for planning, prep, and all of the cooking steps up to placing it on a plate. Attending a class will enhance your skills and provide insights into wood-fired cooking so that you can be confident to Grill Like A Champion!


3 hours of demonstration-style instruction, using Yoder smokers and House of Q sauces and seasonings.
• We can accommodate up to 20 students - space is limited, so book ahead!
Interactive participation through Q & A which allows participants to learn as much as they can during the class. 
• A class handout of recipes, tips and information for the class. 
• A full description of the steps and technique for each dish. 
• The best part… you get to eat each dish, and taste the results for yourself!


This class will be held at Saskatoon Barbecues & More, on Tuesday, July 9th from 6:00 to 9:00 PM. Seats for this class are $110 each, payable in advance (in-store or online).


Click here to book your class seat online!


100% REBATE WITH QUALIFYING PURCHASE! If you purchase a Yoder Smoker from Saskatoon Barbecues & More between May 24th and July 6th, your $110 class fee will be reimbursed!


BONUS! We will be drawing two names from the first twenty paid reservations - the winners will attend the class for FREE! (If your name is drawn, your $110 payment will be refunded in full.)


Seating is limited - we can only guarantee seats for the first twenty students who make payment on or before 6 July 2024 - so book ahead, the sooner the better! (Payment must be received in full before a class seat will be reserved.)

* Please note that class seats are non-refundable (although you may transfer your class seat to another person, if you are unable to attend.) 


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